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Australian Tall Ship Cruises Solway Lass

If you are looking for a distinct and fun way to tour the coast of Australia, then cruise on a tall ship, this presents the ideal adventure for you. Tall ships are huge cruising vessels generally rigged with a number of sails and masts. For the cruising experience of a lifetime, don’t miss out on out on an Australian Tall Ship cruise.

The best Australian cruises sail in the waters of Queensland, off the northeastern coastline. The tropical waters of the Coral Sea are of a crystal blue and are dotted with little islands to explore. The snorkeling is exceptional, especially in the nearby Great Barrier Reef. Tall ship cruises are fully equipped to handle and enable it’s passengers and visitors to snorkel and even scuba dive right from some of the vessels. While the tall ship is anchored near one of the countless islands, travelers can swim and dive off the deck. Throughout the entire voyage, guests can sunbathe on the decks as well as help and assist with the raising of the sails and even with guiding the ship itself. An Australian Tall ship cruise guarantees to be an unforgettable and exciting experience for all those on board!

There are a range of tours offered, from one-day tours to six-day tours and tall ship cruises intend to cater to the visitors. All meals are cooked on board, and most ships are equipped with a bar and a large selection of amazing Australian wines. Visitors will be pampered by the outstanding service and food aboard all of the tall ship cruises.

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What better method to celebrate a special event than on an Australian tall ship cruise vacation? These cruises are a romantic way for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon. Imagine sailing on a marvelous tall ship around the tropical islands. Honeymooners can remain in a double suite and delight in all the magic and romance of the sea while getting top-notch service. Australian tall ship cruises are also excellent for birthdays, other celebrations, or just for enjoyable visitors can also organize for a theme cruise aboard a tall ship. Pirate cruises, which match perfectly with the look and feel of tall ships, are a lot of fun and extremely enjoyable. The entire crew and team enters into character offering home entertainment like no other and seeing to it that all visitors eat well, consume and are happy! Some passengers may even get to stroll the plank! Other style cruises are readily available upon prior request and need to be planned and prepared in advance. An Australian tall ship cruise is guaranteed to offer one of the most fun and enjoyable vacations one can have, whether it be a charming and romantic honeymoon cruise, or a daring pirate theme cruise vacation.

Tall ship cruises in the gorgeous Australian waters will trigger the romanticism and creativity in all passengers. The appeal of the tall ship experience can make one feel like they are traveling and living in another age, but with all the luxuries available today. It is highly recommended for all people of all ages, from kids, to youngsters, to couples and seniors alike. An Australian tall ship cruise is the best way to check out and visit the marvelous coasts of Australia.

If you are looking for an unique and enjoyable method of exploring the unbelievable Australian coast, then a tall ship cruise is the ideal adventure for you. For the cruising experience of a lifetime, don’t miss out on trying an Australian tall ship cruise.

Tall ship cruises in the gorgeous Australian waters will stimulate the romanticism, adventure, historic and imagination in all travelers.

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